How Any Realtor Can Add 4 New Income Streams To Their Business Today!

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To Make More Money As A Realtor

A newly enacted FHA regulation, referred to as FHA 2022-22, now permits real estate agents to also serve as loan officers.

This transformative change means that on top of the standard commission, realtors can earn an additional 1% from the loan amount on every property transaction they close.

For instance, on a $500,000 home sale, a realtor would not only receive the customary 3% commission but also an extra $4,000 by processing the loan.

Moreover, this dual role expands your licensure to operate across all 50 states, significantly broadening your potential market and increasing the number of deals you can manage.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to take on the role of a title agent, further enhancing your earning potential through additional commissions.

This expansion of services is made feasible through the Debt Cleanse Program, opening up new avenues for revenue and professional growth in the real estate industry.

New Income Stream # 1

Dual Role Advantage

As a licensed loan officer, you can now earn twice on every transaction — once as a realtor and once as a loan officer. The recent FHA update allows you to maximize your earnings from each sale.

New Income Stream #2

AI-Powered Credit Solutions

Offer cutting-edge AI credit repair tools to help your clients improve their financial standing, making it easier for them to secure their first home. This not only adds value for your clients but also opens up a new revenue stream for you.

New Income Stream #3

Title Agent Benefits

Earn additional income by acting as a Title Agent. This role allows you to collect commissions on title services for every transaction, increasing your profitability on each deal.

New Income Stream #4

Nationwide Opportunities

Expand your market by operating as a loan officer licensed to work in all 50 states. This flexibility allows you to significantly increase your deal flow without being restricted to your home state.




  • Struggling to find home buyers and sellers

  • Limited to deals just in the state you live in

  • You could invest countless hours of researching

  • Pay tens of thousands for coaching/mentorship

  • Spend $50k+ paying to get nationwide coverage

  • Spend thousands building out websites and marketing tools

  • Having to pass off all loans to someone else, and loosing the commission on every deal that you do

  • Not having the proper tools to assist your clients in getting approved on loans and buying their first home

AFTER Own Easy

  • Become a Loan Officer so you can get 1% commission on every loan that your clients get to buy their house

  • Access to deal flow throughout all 50 states, not just the state you live in

  • Benefit from AI credit repair tools to help your clients get approved

  • Ability to resell the tools to your clients and get paid when you do

  • Streamlined transactions so your clients enjoy a smoother process from start to finish

  • Reduced stress because you don't have to pass off your loans to someone else


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Join Own Easy Now To Add 4 New Income Streams To Your Business: Make Sure To Sign Up For Advocate/ MLO

Becoming An MLO

See how much easier it is with us, then by doing it yourself!

Traditional Route

  • Complete Pre-Licensure Course

  • Pass Licensing Exam (close to 50% failure rate)

  • Complete Annual Renewal and Continuing Education

  • Repeat For Each Additional State

  • Minimum Credit Score Can Apply

50 State Licensing Costs


Better Route

  • Sign Up

  • Receive Training

  • Background Check

  • Originate in all 50 States

No State Licensing Tests

No State Licensing Fees

No Continuing Education Requirements

No State Annual Renewal Fees

Included In Your Membership

  • Legal Plan Services

  • Compliance Course & Training

  • Learn How To Become A High Performing 50 State MLO

  • 20% Earning As a Title Rep

  • Access To AI Credit Repair & Building Tools

  • Website, Landing page, App

  • Full Staffed MLO Business

  • Earn Up To $1,500 Monthly Housing Allowance

  • 25k Life Insurance + Will & Trust

  • Mentorship & Coaching From Industry Leaders

  • Low Cost to No Cost Insurance

A Total Value of $40,000

Today just $399



OWN EASY offers real estate professionals an opportunity to have a one-stop shop without the hassle of tests, looming fees, continuing education, and excessive time commitments. Leverage our platform to access the training and resources to add three additional revenue streams.


OWN EASY is the premier, revolutionary real estate platform that gives serious professionals an opportunity to make a significant impact and income through our '75 for All' initiative. This initiative focuses on the deployment of resources, community loan officers, and homebuyer coaches to aid in increasing homeownership rates.


You can begin making money immediately. We offer three fast-start bonuses that get you paid quickly as you simply share our platform with customers or business partners. You can earn over $1,000 in your first week by following the Blueprint. In addition, we offer a 90-day bonus of up to $11,000 for those who enjoy team building.


1. What services are included in the OwnEasy Business Membership?

Legal Plan Services: Access to legal planning and advice.

Compliance Course & Training: Essential training and compliance courses are available to ensure you meet industry standards AI

Credit Repair & Building Tools: Get access to artificial intelligence tools for credit repair and credit building.

Digital Tools: Includes a website, landing page, and mobile application to manage your business.Full Staffed MLO Business: Benefit from a fully staffed mortgage loan origination business that supports your operations.

2. What are the learning and development opportunities?High Performing 50 State MLO: Learn how to become a high-performing Mortgage Loan Originator across all 50 states.Mentorship & Coaching: Receive mentorship and coaching from industry leaders.

3. What financial benefits and bonuses are available?Earnings as a Title Rep: Earn 20% commissions as a title representative.Housing Allowance: Earn up to $1500 monthly as a housing allowance.Life Insurance: A 25k life insurance policy is available for qualified advocates.Low-Cost Insurance Details: Gain access to competitively priced insurance options.

4. What additional tools and resources are provided?POS, CRM & Reports: Access to point of sale systems, customer relationship management tools, and detailed business reports to manage your operations effectively.

5. Are there any geographical restrictions?Legal Plan Services Limitations: Please note that the legal plan services are not available in Alaska, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.


No hidden fees. You have an initial investment of $399.90, followed by $89.90 from month 2 onwards. However, if you build your pipeline and secure 5 referrals, your monthly overhead of $89.90 is waived. Once eligible for hire, you will need to pay for your NMLS number and background check, which costs between $66.25 and $96.25 depending on the time of year you start.

Join Own Easy Now To Add 4 New Income Streams To Your Business: Make Sure To Sign Up For Advocate/ MLO